How to join Intermusica

Intermusica is a community of non-profit music workshop organisers, founded in 1999. It is totally self-funded and tries to promote the workshops of such organisers worldwide. For an annual fee of currently 40 EUR (prices went down over the past years instead of up) you can become a member and your course(s) will appear on the agenda on the top page of our website with a direct link to your own website (or, for a one-off extra fee, to your own page on our website ). is possibly one of the most frequently accessed websites of its kind in Europe. However, it is also gaining popularity in North America and even Asia, Australia and South America. Besides being linked to the website, Intermusica members also try to help each other where possible in the organisation of each other's workshops. 'Playing with the Professionals (PLAYWIP)' , a highly successful chamber music workshop system, was the result of two members collaborating. This mutual help is ,however, not a prerequisite in becoming a member.

We also allow commercial operators in the serious music business to establish links to the Intermusica website and vice versa as long as this is in the interest of Intermusica.

Should you be interested in joining, please contact Intermusica for further details.